About Pingoo

Pingoo is a micro-learning app that enables you to learn about a new topic in a few minutes. By selecting a topic from a wide range of topics, from health and wellness to literature, history, innovation, design, and privacy!

How Pingoo works?

It is simple! You can select a topic of interest, then you are presented with a series of cards, in a trivia-style game. Each card contains a sentence that is either true or false. After reading the sentence, you swipe right, if you think the phrase on the card is true, and swipe left if you think it is a false claim. Upon each swipe, you get instant feedback with a short answer. Then you can dig deeper into the topic by reading a series of short posts in a FAQ style, or read articles or booked linked to the topic to learn more.

Watch this video to see how it works!

Is Pingoo Free?

Pingoo is free to download and it comes with free topics created by Pingoo team or other content creators. There are also topics available for members only, for Premium topics that are a one-time payment.

Pingoo for Content Creators

Pingoo is open to content creators to share their knowledge and passion with the world and monetize it. If you are a content creator and would like to join our creators community, visit the Content Creators page and sign up.

Pingoo is currently available only on iOS, we are working on the Android version and it will be released soon.