An app store for content creators

Have you seen those who can code, make an app, and monetize it? We want to see that happen for brilliant and knowledgeable content creators like you!

By using Pingoo, you can offer the content you already have available and monetize it.

How does it work?

  • Use the form below to sign up as a content creator
  • We will send you a guideline on how to create content for Pingoo, best practices, etc.
  • As your content is being sold, Pingoo takes 5% of the revenue and after paying the Appel Store fees, you will receive payment for your content on-going. As long as users purchase your content, you will receive residuals!

Additional notes good to know!

  • Pingoo offers a very simple authoring tool that you can use to easily create content.  If you know how to send an email, you can create content on Pingoo!
  • Your content will be listed as Premium Content and you chose how much to price it. We will give you our 2 cents about it too
  • You can also make your Pingoo content available for free to showcase your knowledge and expertise in your field.
  • If you are a brand or company and want to reach out to a wider range of audiences, a free topic is a great way to do that!

Become a Pingoo Emperor and offer your content on the app now!

How easy it is to create content? Watch this video of Pingoo Authoring Tool!


Pingo is open to any topic, as long as it is legal! What do you want to teach to Pingooers? Raising wolves, fashion, art, history, literature, sport? Surprise us!
Let us know if you have some content available in other formats
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